Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Approved
Pre-Licensing, Post Licensing,  & Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming 2021 Post License Dates:

*Sept. 20-24 Norma Board of Realtors

*Nov. 15-19 Keller Williams Elite

*Dec. 6-10 Norman Board of Realtors

Upcoming 2021 Pre-License Dates:

*   July 10. WEEKENDS ONLY

*   October 23 WEEKENDS ONLY

Effective November 1, 2009, state law prohibits the issuance of a real estate license to any person who has been convicted, pled guilt or pled nolo contendere to a felony for a pre-determined number of years based on the classification of said felony.  For clarification, please contact the Commission and/or review the cited section of law as referenced herein.  Additionally, if the applicant has delinquent unpaid child support or student loans, the applicant must check with the Real Estate Commission before enrolling in the class.  The Commission will allow the applicant to seek preapproval prior to enrolling in a pre-license course.


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